Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

PUST DMS stands for Pyongyang University of Science and Technology Division of Medical Sciences. PUST DMS will build upon the existing education that its students received in health-related fields of study. The most prominent example will be the training that students will receive from faculty from all over the world. Another hallmark of their expanded education at PUST DMS is that they will learn medical terminology in English. Ultimately, the purpose of PUST DMS is to raise healthcare professionals who will attend to the medical needs of DPRK residents with professionalism, compassion, and grace.

Purpose and Significance of PUST

Although the DPRK has at times received international assistance for economic development, that development still has not become a reality. Thus, it is hoped that ultimately the graduates of PUST will help to lead the next generations in the DPRK so that partnerships with foreign corporations will help to ensure economic development.  The fact that PUST is a purely educational venture that seeks to educate young DPR-Koreans with the hopes that this will bring forth peaceful globalization of the DPRK has been communicated with the international community.

Sanctions and International Relationships

PUST legally operates both from a DPRK legal standpoint and from an international standpoint, including U.S. sanctions. Supporting PUST does not violate these sanctions.

General Perspective

While there is no legal partnership between Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST) located in Yanji, China and PUST, YUST has and will continue to serve as a base model for PUST. The foundation of PUST was inspired the experience of YUST. There is a mutual exchange of information with YUST as a sister university.